Valuing Lifelong Learning

We are committed to the continuous professional development of all our staff and provide many opportunities to all our employees.

We appreciate the importance of ensuring that we provide an environment of lifelong learning not just for our students but for our faculty and staff.  We provide a range of professional development opportunities to deepen understanding of current research and trends, encourage professional growth and increase knowledge and experience in areas which address specific school goals and initiatives.

Professional Development Days

There are 10 school-wide professional development days allocated a year - 5 before the start of the new academic year, one after the last student day and 4 others. Some are colleague led and others involve an external facilitator or workshop leader. There are also weekly scheduled collaborations with colleagues, self-reflection and specific professional meetings.

Individual Training Opportunities

In addition to the school-wide staff training, AAS provides generous funding for required and personal professional development that can take several forms including travelling within Europe and further afield to attend workshops, seminars, meetings, courses, conferences, or other professionally enriching activities that provide clear opportunity for personal growth that will impact AAS in a positive manner.

Our Vacancies

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