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Applying to AAS

We are continually looking to recruit outstanding and dynamic new staff to join our team.

Teaching Positions

We generally post teaching openings with Search Associates (SA), International School Services (ISS), the Council of International Schools (CIS). On occasion we also use local recruiting agencies.

With respect to international recruitment, we post confirmed and anticipated openings in mid-November and also attend recruitment fairs in January and/or February.For posted teaching positions we receive an average of about 120 applications per opening, so competition for positions is high! 

Admin & Support Positions

For office, support and general administrative roles, recruitment is made locally through advertisements placed with regional agencies. For non-teaching posting we receive between 20 and 150 applications per posting.

Application Process

After reading the employment requirements and finding that your qualifications and experiences match an opening, please

1. Gather the following information:
  • A current resume
  • A letter of application - this should state your strengths as a candidate, how you heard about AAS, and why you are interested in this particular position
  • The names and contact information of at least three references, as well as the name and contact information of your current supervisor/head of school.
2. Format documents
  • Combine all the above documents into a single PDF document
3. Email documents
  • Use the following subject header in your email: AAS, Year and position you are applying for (for example:"AAS 2019/2020 SY - Grade 4")
  • Send your application to


Due to the high number of inquiries we receive every day in a variety of formats, we politely request that you follow the above application guidelines.

Please do not apply to individual members of the school administration.

Please kindly note that AAS will not respond to unsolicited job applications.

Selection & Interview Process

After initial screening of applications we conduct multiple interviews with long-listed candidates. We undertake a significant amount of the initial interview process via online video conferencing.

Shortlisted finalist candidates will be invited for the a final round of in-person interviews - and possibly presentations - at the school. Reasonable travel and accommodation expenses will be covered.

For successful candidates, offers of employment follow, once all security checks have been completed.

The first day of school for students is the last week of August and new teachers are required to arrive in Sofia mid-way through the second week of August. The first day for teaching staff is five school days before the first day of school for students.

Security Checks & Child Safety

We always conduct confidential reference checks before offering a position, following a protocol that looks at fit for overall community, high competence in the relevant professional area and child safety. To ensure safety and security we have a Child Protection Plan and require up to date police checks

Partner Employment

We are aware that it is not uncommon for couples to apply for positions simultaneously.  At AAS, our practice and policy is to hire the best match for our school and community. As a result we have a mixture of single teachers, teaching couples and families with up to three children.  

Employment opportunities for non-teaching spouses living in Sofia will depend on the career of the spouse. Some partners of our internationally recruited staff are self-employed in fields of design, fitness, finance and education. There is a vibrant international community here and English is spoken quite widely, although not in all professions.


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