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Addressing Questions or Concerns

This flow chart was created to assist in understanding the process for parents to address their questions or concerns.


'Bring Your Own Device': Grades 6-12

Being a good digital citizen and a responsible member of the AAS-Sofia community means students come to school prepared to learn by:

  • bringing their laptop to school each day, in operating condition, with sufficient storage available for school use, and with the battery fully charged;
  • managing their battery use to ensure that they can get through the school day and participate fully;
  • backing up and managing the files on their device;
  • making use of designated folder architecture in Google Docs and file naming protocols defined by the teacher.

In addition:

  • computer use during recess and lunch will be limited to completing work in designated study areas;
  • computer use at school should be limited to installed or online programs that are directly connected to school-related activities;
  • recreational games, non-academic use of social networking sites or other activities that disrupt studies, peers or classes are strongly discouraged.

Cafeteria Information & Menus

All meals are prepared on site, by chefs using the highest quality ingredients. 

Elementary School Secondary School
September 2019   September 2019
October 2019   October 2019
November 2019   November 2019

Food and drinks are also available at break times for adults and Middle and High School students. Payment for food is generally conducted with a cashless card system. Children are welcome to bring their own lunch and snacks, if they do not plan to use the catering service.

Family Handbook 2019-2020

Health Office & Immunization Requirements

Immunization Requirements

In order to attend AAS, students must be compliant with the Bulgarian immunization program. On enrolling to AAS, parents must provide documented proof of immunization by a physician or health care provider. Up-to-date health records (allergies, immunizations etc) and contact details are essential in case of emergency. 

Our Nurses 

AAS has two experienced, full time nurses on the premises ensuring the well-being of both students and staff. Ms. Diana Docheva (or Didi) and Mr. Valentin Ivanov (or Val) are based in the dedicated health office. Regular training keeps them up to date with the latest general medical techniques. 

The nurses’ deal with general health issues, such as head lice, communicable diseases and minor injuries at school. In the case of a more serious injury, they would accompany a student to the nearest emergency room and wait with them until the parents arrive.They also act as a liaison between the city health authorities getting updates on seasonal illness outbreaks such as flu etc. so they can advise the community accordingly.

The school nurses are able to administer medication (including over the counter drugs) if authorized in writing by a parent. All medicines must be handed over to the nurses, who will label and store them appropriately.

Students may carry inhalers and Epi-pens for emergency use with proper documentation from a healthcare provider.

Diana Docheva

Diana Docheva

Valentin Ivanov

Valentin Ivanov