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Literary Arts 

Lux (Light), the AAS Literary Review

The AAS Literary Review, LUX Светлина, is the published creative writing and artwork of a small group of dedicated high school students. Student editors from grades 9-12 work with the faculty advisors to select the strongest writing and visual art from submissions throughout the year. It is released in the spring.

Lux Светлина Receives Highest Award For Second Year in a Row!

Lux Светлина (Svetlina) has received the Highest Award for a school literary magazine for the second year in a row by the National Council of Teachers of English Program to Recognize Excellence in Student Literary Magazines in the United States.

372 schools across the USA, Canada and American Schools Abroad entered their literary magazines into the Program to Recognise Excellence in School Literary Magazines. We were one of only 26 schools selected for the Highest Award. This honour goes to magazines which have been singled out as exceptional for their design, writing and artwork.

Congratulations to last year's Editor in Chief, Nadia D. and Assistant Editor, Anna N., together with the whole editorial team, as well as the gifted artists and writers whose contributions made the magazine possible.

AAS Author Wins $200

Nadia D’s talent as a writer was recognized in two different competitions in July 2017. She was one of only seven high school students worldwide to win $200 in the Save the Earth Poetry Contest with a poem, "Tragedy of the Commons”. The contest, established by John Felstiner, Professor Emeritus at Stanford University, encourages students to express their awareness of the natural world and nature through the medium of poetry.

Nadia also received recognition for her short story, “Across From Home”, in Polyphony H.S., an international student-run literary magazine for high-school writers. Her work will be published in the upcoming edition of the magazine.

Nadia is the Senior Editor of our Literary Arts Magazine, Lux Svetlina. Please enjoy Nadia’s winning poem below.

Tragedy of the Commons

Tragedy of the Commons

Loud jarring noises rattle in the street,
Infiltrating through the closed window of my serene bedroom –
And startle me at the very moment I expected peace and quiet.
It’s just construction workers, not a violent riot,
Vehemently laying tiles on the pavement,
The reconstruction of the town is incomplete.
I will not go out now, into the unknown, into the pandemonium.
I would rather walk into Pan’s labyrinth.

How could one sleep with all that noise, the noise of destruction and of construction.
And I walked outside.

I walked among the venerable oaks,
Oaks that whisper of haiduti and of war,
Of revolutionary folks and rebels who defended the nation of tyrants.

I breathed in the dirt and the soot.
A child said: What is the dust?
Is it also a child, a child of our own, summoned by desperation and madness?
Or is it an uninvited guest whose good riddance can cleanse us?
It is the invisible material that collects on your table where you sit,
And in your dishes with which you eat,
And on your clothes to weigh you down.
It is the muddy tears, shed by the autumn trees,
It is the cloak shrouding the gaudy wings of love in a veil of death colors.

I tenderly stop on the earth,
Producing a fine cloud of smoke.
Here on the path was a meadow where an ice-cold brook murmured,
Where lakes used to spread below mammoths’ feet.
And above me in the trees, I hear the ominous laughter of the twigs,
Reaching to grip the glistening blade, the sound of the axes, as they hit the dry and dead crust.
Ah, I can see far in the distance the glorious mountains,
Supporting the heavens with their strong shoulders,
The two sharp pinnacles upon which the dainty edelweiss dwells.
Here on the meadow glided the fresh narcotic scent of pines,
Pines, whose needles were covered with diamonds of rainbow dew.
I breathe again to take this fragrance –
And I inhale the odor of deodorants, the grey haze settling on the dying woods.
We all go back inside, intoxicated by the sulfur dioxide, by nitrogen oxides, by the smog,
Head feeling heavy, ready for sleep, ready to fall back in oblivion.

The DeLux Story Prize 2017

The DeLux Short Story Competition, begun in 2013, seeks to encourage budding writers from the Anglo-American School of Sofia and the American College of Sofia in their endeavours, and to provide an opportunity to recognize their talent.

This year’s submissions were adjudicated by our very own Mr. Dominic Carrillo – Grade 7/8 Language Arts teacher and published author with help from our school librarian, Ms. Battistoni.

The AAS winners for 2016-2017 are:
  • 2nd place: “The Deer In Our Way” by Brendan C
  • 3rd place: “Al Dente Adult” by Alex P
Congratulations also to finalists Lauren R, Nadia D and Atanas K.

Scholastic Art and Writing Awards - 2017

For the second year in a row, our high school student authors and artists received recognition for their work in the international section of the Scholastic Art and Writing Awards. The 90-year old program provides opportunities for budding poets, filmmakers, artists, playwrights and writers to showcase their talent.

This year, eight high school students received a total of 15 Awards for their writing, film and artwork, winning 3 Gold Keys, 5 Silver Keys, and 7 Honorable Mentions.

Congratulations to the following students:
  • Atanas K (Grade 9): 2 Gold Keys, 1 Silver Key (poetry and short story)
  • Nona D (Grade 11): 1 Gold Key, 1 Honorable Mention (poetry and art)
  • Anna N (Grade 11): 1 Silver Key, 2 Honorable Mentions (poetry)
  • Lauren R (Grade 11): 1 Silver Key, 2 Honorable Mentions (poetry and short story)
  • Nicole I (Grade 10): 1 Silver Key (poetry)
  • Gabriela S (Grade 10:) 1 Silver Key (poetry)
  • Ekaterina B (Grade 12): 1 Honorable Mention (dramatic script)
  • Nikos P (Grade 12): 1 Honorable Mention (film)

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