Campus Location

Siyanie Street 1,
Pancharevo, Sofia 1137, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 2 9238810,11
Fax: +359 2 923 8859

Mailing Address:

Siyanie Street 1, Pancharevo, Sofia 1137, Bulgaria

Admissions: Maria Mihailova

+359 2 923 8822

Registrar: Dola Kay

+359 2 923 8813

Director's Secretary:

+359 2 923 8812


+359 2 923 8810, 11

Bus Coordinator: Zhivko Vichkov

+359 2 923 8819
mobile: +359 88 990 1916

Security: Tsvetan Bashev

+359 2 923 8829
mobile: +359 88 514 6863

Health Office


AAS has 2 full time nurses on the premises in order to promote the well-being of students and staff. Diana Docheva (or Didi) and Valentin Ivanov (or Val) are in charge of the health office, situated on the ground floor near the gymnasium in the ES building.

The nurses’ duties include general health issues, such as head lice, communicable diseases and minor injuries at school. In case of a serious injury, the student’s parents are contacted and, if requested, the student is taken to the nearest emergency room. The nurse will accompany the student to hospital and wait for the parents to arrive.

Here are some important aspects to remember in order to ensure the well-being of your child

  • Accidents and infirmary visits are informed daily to the school administration in order
  • to improve health and safety throughout the school.
  • A visit to the health office does not automatically excuse a student’s absence from a class, unless the nurse identifies symptoms of illness (i.e. fever, vomiting etc).
  • The school nurse does not administer medication unless authorized in writing by a parent.
  • Students may not keep any medication in their bags or lockers.
  • Students may ot take medication by themselves. All medication must be given to the nurse.
  • Students and parents are requested to inform the nurses of any particular health problem, so it can be recorded.
  • Up-to-date health records (allergies, immunizations etc) and contact details are essential in case of emergency.

Routine checking of head lice

Head lice infestation is a common, recurring problem in any school setting – if the school nurses identify a child with lice at school, the parents will be contacted and asked to take their child home immediately. Students will not be allowed back to school with nits (eggs) in their hair and they must visit the health office on returning to school.

Administering medication (including over-the-counter drugs)

The school nurses do not administer medication unless authorized in writing by a parent. All medicines must be handed over to the nurses, who will label and store them appropriately.

Students may carry inhalers and Epi-pens for emergency use with proper documentation from a healthcare provider.

Immunization requirements

In order to attend AAS, students must be compliant with the Bulgarian immunization program. The school nurse will notify by letter parents/guardians of students who are not in compliance.  On enrolling to AAS, parents must provide documented proof of immunization by a physician or health care provider.   


A school approved student accident insurance plan is available to all students at the beginning of each school year at a reasonable charge. Students who opt for the insurance should inform the school nurses in case of accidents, so they can assist in the completion of the claim forms.

Students who participate in the high school interscholastic athletic program are covered by a district policy only for injuries that occur during practice or games. It does not cover the student during classes, school day or between athletic seasons.


Campus Location & Mailing Address Siyanie Street 1, Pancharevo Sofia 1137, Bulgaria
Phone: +359 2 9238810,11
Fax: +359 2 9238859
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