School Counselors

We recognise that growing up, school and indeed life often isn’t easy. All divisions of the school have dedicated and experienced counselors to support students through any struggles they may have and to help them to develop academic, career, and social/emotional skills to become active and successful global citizens in the future.

For each age group the interventions or approaches required may be different but for any of  the divisions they can include small group sessions, one-to-one counseling, parent meetings and support, liaison with the Learning Support Team, and the teaching of the PHSE curriculum.

Recognising the movement of families arriving and leaving postings - a common factor in international schools - and the unsettling feelings that can bring, we also have a counselor dedicated to help manage these transitions for students and families. There is also specific support for Bulgarian families as they manage the change between education cultures.  

Counselors work to establish trust and rapport and respect the student's privacy so that they are free to explore issues, feelings and behaviors. All of the counsellors follow the ethical guidelines of the American School Counselor Association.

Counselors team SY 19-20

AAS' School Counselors: Lindsey Moore (ES), Robyn Pendleton (MS), Laura Giosh-Markov (Transitions) and David Stephenson (HS)