Middle School

Grades 6, 7 & 8

The "middle years" are a journey of significant emotional, social, physical and intellectual growth.

This journey is truly exciting - it's complex, fun, frustrating, enriching and wondrous, and follows many different paths. At the Anglo-American School, we see this journey as a time to further develop academic and personal skills as well as a time of discovery. 

Engagement & Exploration

We aim to turn every bumpy path into a learning opportunity and to celebrate success whenever we can. With this in mind, we hope our students engage and explore while learning new skills, honing strengths, and striving to be confident, happy and caring citizens. 

We offer an environment that is inviting, supportive and safe, whilst having high expectations for every member of our learning community. We provide for the unique developmental needs of middle school students with a rigorous yet supportive program of studies.

Student Advisory

We believe successful Middle Schools are characterized by a culture of educators who value working with this age group. It is our strong belief that each Middle School Student should not just be known, but known well by at least one adult in Middle School.

While small classes ensure that all students have close contact with each of their teachers, it is during the 'Advisory Time' that teachers and students are able to interact on a more personal level. Several times a week the students spend time in small groups with their advisors. The teacher advisors serve as the student’s advocate and guide them through Middle School, following a student’s academic and social progress and helping the student to communicate with parents, teachers, and peers alike.

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