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High school student life

During the High School years the need for balance between formal learning and extra curricular experiences becomes even more important.

Service Learning & Cultural Trips form an essential core to the program with every student participating. 

Service Learning

Dog in Animal Shelter


Learning about and helping those less fortunate than themselves is an important aspect student life at AAS. Students are encouraged and supported to be creative in developing ideas and driving them through to make a difference to others. From fundraising to helping out at animal shelters, visiting orphanages or making and distributing sandwiches for homeless shelters, Middle School students are active service learners. 

Cultural Trips


Normally taking place around September, these trips usually span 3 days and 2 nights. Students engage in team-building and learn about themselves and each other, as well as their wonderful host country. 

"The trip to Kalimitsi in Greece was an amazing experience. Definitely one of the highlights of my school life!".

High School Extra Curricular Activities

The range of opportunities at the school is vast!  Many clubs, teams and groups are organised internally by AAS staff - and often students - while other activities are linked to 'CEESA' (Central and Eastern European Schools Association). CEESA provides a competitive interscholastic athletic and activities program intended to enrich and enhance the educational experience of students. This program plays a large part in the life of Middle & High School students. From music and culture to sport, festivals to tournaments and competitions, there is something for everyone to enjoy. 

Check out the range of both CEESA and AAS opportunities below - and remember, new ones pop up every year!


  • HS Soccer/Football
    AAS HS boys currently play in the 2nd Division CEESA 11 a-side section. Our HS girls play 7 a-side football against a number of other CEESA schools.
  • Tennis
    AS tennis runs in the spring for HS. We select 6 players to travel to the CEESA tournament; 2 students play singles and 4 students make up 2 doubles pairs.
  • X-Country Running
    The participants run 2 races over the 2 days at CEESA. HS students run a 3.5km race and a 5km race. The races are over varying terrain and may include; grass, trails through forests, water features, hills and flat ground. It is a combined MS/HS event and each school is allowed to have up to 6 runners in each age/gender.
  • Basketball
    AAS teams play in the CEESA Division 1 group for all teams; HS boys and girls.
  • Swimming
    AAS competes in CEESA swimming every year. It is a combined MS and HS team consisting of up to 32 swimmers, 8 in each age/gender. Swimmers can compete in both individual and team relay events.
  • Volleyball
    All AAS volleyball teams compete in the spring season. The travel team may consist of up to 10 students.
  • Softball
    Slow-pitch softball is played during the spring season, this is relatively new to AAS and we are building the program to include both boys and girls teams.


  • Speech and Debate
    AAS competes in the HS Speech and Debate CEESA competition each year. The team consists of 10 students who are allowed to compete in a maximum of 2 events. The events are Impromptu, Debate, Original Oratory, Duet Acting and Oral Interpretation.

  • HS Model United Nations (MUN)
    This is not a CEESA event, however many CEESA schools attend. AAS attends the BERMUN conference each year which is held in Berlin in November. It is an educational simulation  and/or academic activity in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. AAS students also have the opportunity to attend a local MUN conference which is usually run by the American College of Sofia.

  • HS Choir/Band/Strings
    This is a huge CEESA event with over 100 students coming together to produce a concert which includes all 3 disciplines from the music program.

  • Knowledge Bowl
    Students work together in groups of 4 and compete against other teams. This is a general knowledge competition. The first round of questions is based on one topic; which could be anything from biology, to poetry to capital cities to astronomy. The second round a quick fire general knowledge questions. There is also an individual and team written component to to CEESA competition.

  • HS Math
    The HS math competition is run over 2 days and includes both individual and team components in a junior and senior division. Students work through a written, problem-solving and count-down rounds.

  • HS Tech Robotics
    This CEESA event is a FIRST Tech Challenge robotics competition. Each year the teams are set a challenge and they take their robot to the competition to compete against the robots from the other schools. In the finals the teams are paired up together to compete, which is a different element that they need to overcome.

LUX Student Magazine

The award-winning Lux Literary Magazine is produced by a student editorial team. Featuring written and artwork from the student body, it continues to compete and win awards for production and content in the global school literary field.



Developing leadership and advocacy skills SALT leaders assist with initiatives and events in the High School particularly around the athletics and hosting program. Students are involved in community efforts and promotion of the various athletics programs at AAS, including designing athletic gear and sponsoring charity events.

Student Council

Student Council

Representing the High School student body elected students gather information, put forward requests and proposals, and organise the school prom.

Service Learning

This is an important aspect of student life throughout AAS and no less so in the High School. From reading stories and playing games in hospital with children who have cancer to hosting sports tournaments for refugee students. From collecting bottle caps to fund incubators for sick newborns to clearing up play areas in local parks, students learn that their efforts can have an impact and improve the lives of others.

Photo above: Formed after the death of a student from cancer, students raise money and awareness in support of the Angelia Foundation.

TEDX Youth

Organised under the global TED banner TEDxYouth are independently organised events encouraging young people to develop themes and topics and present them to a live audience all while being professionally filmed. AAS has had a TED-ED Club and TEDxYouth program since 2016. Helping students to believe that not only do they have a voice but people beyond the school want to listen, TED-ED  have provided the platform for some phenomenal talks and presentations, a number of which have been posted on the official TEDx channel.


Livestream Team

Livestream is a popular activity at AAS with student volunteers forming the team that record and broadcast sports tournaments and events such as graduation. Under the guidance of the faculty and IT staff, student hone their artistic and technical skills while providing a service to those unable to attend the event in person.

AAS Livestream Channel

High School Musical Performance

Grades 9 and 10 develop the stamina to act, sing, dance and produce a full stage show. Previous productions have included Grease, Caberet, Hairspray and Chitty Chitty Bang Bang.

Cheerleading & Dance

Students work together learning new skills and techniques.  These groups form a tight bond and have great fun developing dances and routines and creating original performances that are often shown at special events, such as a CEESA opening ceremony.