HS Athletics

During High School, students are given the opportunity to further develop their athletic skills and talents with after school coaching.

The High School fields a number of strong and successful sports teams, taking full advantage of the sponsored inter-school sports events that are organised by CEESA and winning many awards and tournaments. Even if not selected for the final travelling team, local tournaments with other Sofia schools are often arranged so skills can be tested in a competitive environment.

Sports offered at AAS include:

  • HS Soccer/Football: AAS HS boys currently play in the 2nd Division CEESA 11 a-side section. Our HS girls play 7 a-side football against a number of other CEESA schools. 
  • Tennis:  AAS tennis runs in the spring for HS. We select 6 players to travel to the CEESA tournament; 2 students play singles and 4 students make up 2 doubles pairs. 
  • X-Country Running: The participants run 2 races over the 2 days at CEESA. HS students run a 3.5km race and a 5km race. The races are over varying terrain and may include; grass, trails through forests, water features, hills and flat ground. It is a combined MS/HS event and each school is allowed to have up to 6 runners in each age/gender. 
  • Basketball: AAS teams play in the CEESA Division 1 group for all teams; HS boys and girls.
  • Swimming: AAS competes in CEESA swimming every year. It is a combined MS and HS team consisting of up to 32 swimmers, 8 in each age/gender. Swimmers can compete in both individual and team relay events. 
  • Volleyball: All AAS volleyball teams compete in the spring season. The travel team may consist of up to 10 students. 
  • Softball: Slow-pitch softball is played during the spring season, this is relatively new to AAS and we are building the program to include both boys and girls teams.