International Baccalaureate (IB)

The International Baccalaureate (IB) Program

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Program (IB DP) is an educational program for students in their last two years of secondary school. It is both academically challenging and balanced, seeking to prepare students for success at university and beyond.
The IB DP is well recognized by the world’s leading universities and students who successfully complete the full diploma are highly prepared for university.

Subject Requirements

The IB DP is a two-year curriculum that requires students to take six subjects along with the three core areas (which are outlined below). At AAS, IB instruction is in English.


Subject Offerings

Understanding Course Selection Disclaimer

While AAS will do its best to give students their preferred choices of courses, please note that not every combination will be possible. The master timetable will be constructed based on (where possible) what students choose. If your combination is not possible after all of the choices are reviewed then we will meet with you individually to discuss what changes you will need to make to your course selection. 
Please be aware that certain courses require a minimum number of students in order to be offered.
All students are required to take English and students whose first language is Bulgarian may choose to take Bulgarian Literature as well. Students usually take one subject from each group although there are exceptions to this. If you have specific questions about subject combinations please contact our IB Coordinator.
Most subjects are offered at both standard level (SL) and higher level (HL). To complete the full diploma program students are required to study three subjects at each level.
The following subjects are offered at AAS:

IB Core Program

In addition to the six academic subjects students must also take part in the Core of the IB, namely the Extended Essay (EE), Creativity, Action and Service (CAS) and the Theory of Knowledge (TOK).

What our students say ...

What I appreciated most about the IB program is the ability to chose one's own courses and the advanced knowledge we acquire from them. Time management was also a key learning point. Being ahead of time with assignments and staying flexible, while trying to also enjoy my studies, definitely helped me get through this academically demanding program. 

Shon G.

The reason I find the IB program valuable is because I expect it to makes transition to university smoother transition. Being able to manage my study time and organize my resources efficiently is my key learning from IB.

Nora S.

The IB Program taught me critical thinking and time management. Don't rely on teachers. I learned to organize myself and allot effort and time into self-study, which will definitely help in my future academic endeavours.

Keith P.

What I find most valuable in the IB program is that I have a well-rounded perspective on various issues. The the program helped me develop strong determination and perseverance when completing tasks that I don't enjoy.


Lola W.

The IB Program helped me develop resilience and critical thinking. Learning how to manage my time and cope with stress is a skill I will surely need in the future. Without any doubt critical thinking has been one of the skills I feel I have developed which will help me in the future regardless of which career path I take. 

Thomas A.

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