The AAS Pre-Kindergarten program is based on the belief that learning at its best is collaborative and interactive. Children learn through play by exploring, building, and creating. Teachers work to create an environment that extends children’s understanding of conceptual knowledge and develops social, emotional and physical skills. Teachers carefully plan the daily activities to nurture each child’s mental, physical and emotional growth. The classroom provides an environment where children are able to develop to the full potential of their imagination and ingenuity.

Approaches to Learning

This domain focuses on children as active, involved and confident learners. Through engagement in a play/inquiry based program children are supported to develop approaches to learning such as wonder, curiosity, creativity, investigation, questioning, communication, imagination, initiative and risk taking.

Physical Development

This domain is centered on physical health, engagement in daily activities, self care and safety of the children. They are supported to use sensory capabilities with increasing integration, skill and purpose to explore and respond to their world. Pre-kindergarten children are also supported to develop personal care skills and safety awareness.

Social and Emotional Development

Social and emotional development of pre-kindergarten children is about helping them develop an awareness and competence in forming positive relationships that give meaning to their experiences at home, school and larger community. In this domain, the children will be learning to interact with others with care, empathy and respect. Some of the things covered in this domain include self-awareness and self-concept, self-regulation, relationship building, responsibility and adaptability.

Communication, Language, & Literacy

Pre-kindergarten children communicate with others using gesture, sounds and language. Expressing ideas, thoughts, questions and feelings. The pre-kindergarten program allows children to engage in the diverse languages of music, movement, visual arts, drama and mathematics. It also supports children’s development in talking, listening, viewing, reading and writing. This domain encompasses all forms of communication, language and literacy. It also covers the needs of children learning English as an additional language.

Cognition & Knowledge of the World

Pre-kindergarten children engage with Math and mathematical thinking on a daily basis. Through their play and inquiry they encounter pattern, structure, number, measurement, data presentation, sequencing, spatial relations and problem solving.

The Knowledge of the World component of this domain encompasses children’s understandings, connections and contributions to their world. Broader issues such as participation, responsibility, fairness, diversity and care of the environment are also addressed here.