Kindergarten to Grade 5 

The Elementary School fosters the keys skills of exploration and problem solving in a caring, diverse and international environment.

Established Curriculum

All students follow an established curriculum which is a mixture of the best practice from the United Kingdom and the United States. There is also a large emphasis placed upon the understanding and appreciation of global citizenship and this is a strong theme followed throughout the elementary experience. The curriculum encompasses Mathematics, Language Arts, Social Studies and Science and also regular specialist teaching in subjects such as Art, Music, Dance and Physical Education. The language of instruction is English, and Bulgarian and French are offered as world language options.

Modern Facilities

Students all enjoy the modern and purpose-built facilities at AAS and a wide range of technology and equipment is at their disposal. The facilities in the Elementary School allow for diverse and wide-ranging teaching strategies and styles.

Individual Attention & Opportunities

Each Elementary classroom teacher is supported by a classroom teaching assistant. Every effort is, therefore, made to ensure that each child receives the individual attention that they need in order to meet their learning capabilities. Teachers in the Elementary School value the learning of their pupils and offer many valuable opportunities for students to become confident, independent learners, experiencing success in all areas of school life.

Academic Curriculum Guide