Elementary School

Pre-Kindergarten (Pre-K) - Grade 5 (ages 4 to 11) 

The Elementary School at AAS has the feel of a small community school, where everyone knows everyone and the needs of the whole child are met.

Alongside this important close-knit feel, children benefit from the large range of facilities and activities that a large campus like AAS has to offer. There are many opportunities for younger children to interact with and learn not just from each other but from their older peers, helping them develop socially, emotionally, physically and intellectually.

Harnessing Curiosity

Harnessing the natural curiosity and sense of wonder of the young student, AAS provides a safe, nurturing and stimulating environment in which the children are actively encouraged to participate in the learning process. Our inquiry-based curriculum teaches children to ask questions, explore ideas, think carefully about what they have learned, and strengthen their understanding.  This culture of inquiry and problem solving, encourages a love of learning which stays with students throughout their life. In addition, our program supports our young learners with building confidence, developing social skills, and learning how to collaborate.

Individualized Learning

Each Elementary classroom teacher is supported by a classroom teaching assistant, ensuring that each child receives the individual attention that they need in order to meet their learning capabilities.

Specialist Classes

Schedules are organized so there are blocks of time for classroom instruction, outdoor play and special classes. Our specialist classes include:

  • Art
  • Music
  • Dance
  • Bulgarian Culture
  • French
  • Bulgarian
  • Library
  • Physical Education

The teachers really care about each child and do everything they can to encourage and enable each child to succeed. I've really appreciated the academic program, which goes beyond basic subjects and encourages children to learn about and appreciate art, music, dance, theater, etc. There is a nice variety of after school activities available, which my daughter has really enjoyed and looks forward to every week. Holly Kelly (Grade 1 Parent)

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