Community Life

At AAS students, parents and staff play equal roles in creating a truly welcoming and supportive community.

Our parent community is heavily involved in the everyday life of AAS - just as our students participate in many community events and activities outside of the classroom.

For many families, the school becomes the hub of their interactions with other international families and friendship groups - providing the catalyst for the social life and family support they may have left behind in a previous community. Parents take part in school life by volunteering in the classroom, being room parent liaisons, speaking to our High Schoolers at career presentations, acting as chaperones on school trips, hosting families on visiting tournaments, coaching after school activities and much, much more. 

Student Involvement

Students become involved in all aspects of community life.  The vast range of clubs, groups and activities that exist for Middle School and High School students encourages interaction with the wider community and creates many opportunities for volunteering and the development of team work and leadership skills.

Parent Teacher Organisation

Our parents benefit from our strong and highly active Parent Teacher Oganisation (PTO) which provides support and a social network for our international families. Activities specifically focussed on our parents have included; wine tastings, quiz nights, galas, English speaking enhancement groups, hiking clubs, boot camp, choir, yoga, adult sports competitions and use of the sports facilities out of school hours.

“We will always be grateful for the way the community welcomed our family with open arms. From our first day in Bulgaria, we felt connected and very much a part of the AAS family”. Liz - ES Parent

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