The Show must go on….. IB2 Theatre Studies Students

Our senior IB Theatre students reached a significant milestone this week with the completion of their externally assessed Research Presentations. 
Unable to receive your live applause these past 7 months, please spend a moment to congratulate Blagovesta, Kincaid and Matteo - who have also recently coped with the disappointment of cancelling 2 important performance events, while completing much of their preparation for this assessment task during the isolation of lockdown. Not only did they achieve a truly excellent standard of presentation, but they have also demonstrated inspirational perseverance at this uncertain time.
On Tuesday, Blagovesta, Kincaid and Matteo were filmed completing their 15-minute pieces which included research, practice, performance and reflection - we'll look for an opportunity to share the presentations soon so that other students may benefit from quality teachings on Kathkali (from India), Punch & Judy (from the UK) and Commedia dell'Arte (from what eventually became Italy).