The Family Guide on Living Together

As we are all going to have to learn, work and live together with our families at home, we need to adapt to the new dynamics of the situation. The Guardian gives us some tips on how to make our time together more efficient and pleasant.

  1. Start on the same page: Hold a meeting with the family to share concerns, expectations and plan for the time ahead

  2. Stick to the truth: Share facts from reliable sources but don’t forget to talk about feelings too

  3. Set up a routine: Structure is important for both adults and children, so create a plan for each one and the family as a whole

  4. Keep moving: There is a variety of opportunities to be active at home, this will help in boosting the family mood and morale

  5. Get things done: There are so many things to do at home - from tidying up and rearranging your library to small house repairs and work in the garden. Getting children involved can help family bonding

  6. Give each other space: It is important to create “zones” - for gaming, chilling, eating etc.

  7. Stay in touch: Connecting with friends and family that are far away can help us during difficult times and thankfully technology is here to help

  8. Learn as you go: It is important to be flexible in adapting to the new situation and adopt useful habits on the go

And two more ideas from us: 

  1. Limit screen time: use the opportunity to talk face to face, play board games, exercise and cook together

  2. Try a new hobby: You can start knitting, quilting, gardening or learning a new language. 

Feel free to share what helps your family live better together  at We will share your comments and pictures with the rest of the community.

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