TEDEd Club is Back!

We are happy to announce that we are officially done with the TED Club for Elementary and Middle School Students 2021. During February we decided that we want to create a club for some of the students at school, that could possibly be conducted online. We thought that combining our writing and presentation skills could be extremely beneficial for the students who are beginning to explore new realms. We dived into this project, knowing that the uncertainty around the pandemic might restrict us from many activities. One of those activities was having actual human interaction with the ES and MS students. With the help of Ms Starling, however, who was an official supervisor of last year’s TED club, we were able to successfully gather a group of 13 people. 

Ever since February until now, we have been a part of an amazing group of extremely intelligent, curious and inquisitive children. All 13 of them were able to speak their minds, express their opinions on major global issues and find solutions to those issues. While for some it took some time to open up during online discussions, there were others who were fierce to voice their thoughts. We tried to teach them exactly that — whenever you find a passion or problem that truly matters to you, prove the world how and why that one thing is so significant to you, why it matters. “Raise awareness and SPEAK UP!”

Vasila C. (Gr 11), Shon G. (Gr 12) 


Here are some of the student videos: