Taking Music Skills to a New Level

Grade 12 student Mason R. has been at AAS since Kindergarten and has always considered the school to be a place which aims to broaden his horizons and helps him discover his passions aside from the regular classes.

The IB CAS program has allowed Mason to choose something he has always wanted to do, but never either had the time to, or the purpose to even start it. He is very happy and proud with the opportunity to learn how to create soundtracks and beats on  a music Software called FL Studio. Music has been a passion for Mason for a long time as he has been writing lyrics and playing the guitar for the past 5 years. However he wanted to have more freedom and be more flexible when creating music . Learning how to do it through software made this possible.

"I never thought of actually learning it because I was either procrastinating or just did not feel like taking lessons, in a way CAS forced me to do it, but once I learned the basics, it was only fun. It allowed me to be creative in ways I have never been before and make music unlike the one I usually create. It did not only make me better in the field of music, but it opened another source for me to express myself." Mason shares and adds that he was extremely proud of himself when he created a soundtrack.

Mason admits that he really enjoyed the whole process, even the lessons part as it opened his eyes on what he can add to his music and inspired him to make his current soundtrack better and better. Even when his CAS project is done, Mason has not stopped creating soundtracks and beats which he enjoys.

Listen to Mason's soundtrack