Students Design Valentine's Cards

As part of their IB CAS project, in February 2020 seniors Keith, Mason, and Kris collaborated to design and print five unique Valentine's Day Card designs, all made exclusively by the members. The cards feature hand-made elements (1, 2, 4) and graphic design elements (3, 5). 
The team behind the beautiful designs collaborated with the Student Council to sell comprehensive packages consisting of cards, candy, and Bulgairan Roses. The profits of over 200 cards sold were all donated to the Angelia foundation.
This project aimed to exercise the student’s creativity as well as provide student-made cards to gift to their loved ones, all whilst supporting a significant charity.
The Angelia foundation was established 15 years ago by the parents of Lia who studied at AAS, and unfortunately passed away from Leukemia. Her parents set up the foundation in her name in order to support children’s hospitals, and to increase the quality and chance of successful treatment. Donations to the club are used to purchase medical equipment, necessities for the children, and other items that make their stay at the hospitals safer, better, and enjoyable. 

“We have a strong belief that the organization stands behind an honorable cause, and has demonstrated strong contribution to various hospitals. Ultimately, our endeavour harbored over 400lv in purchases which all went to the Angelia foundation, only through our cards, which hopefully impacted the children positively. We put our heart and soul into these cards, and we hope to have brought good to the foundation.“ shared Keith P. one of the project leaders.