Student Writer Wins Award

The DeLux Short Story Competition, begun in 2013, seeks to encourage budding writers from AAS and the American College of Sofia in their creative endeavours, providing an opportunity to recognize their talent beyond the classroom.
On Monday, five AAS students from Grades 10 and 11 travelled to ACS to attend the prize-giving ceremony.

This year’s stories were adjudicated by Bulgarian writer, radio co-host, TV producer and playwright, Mr Georgi Iliev, known for his novels The Life and Death of Mr Iliev and Holy Fool: Dogtown which won the 2010 Book of the Year Award in Bulgaria.

Congratulations to Adam L. on winning second place for his short story “Are You There Allah? It’s Me the Jew”.

Accolades also go to the other four AAS finalists: Atanas K. for “The Harvester of Souls”, Georgia P. for “The Crow Queen”, Matteo A. for “Flame” and Sanaki M. for “Three Teachers”.