Seniors Help Sofia's Homeless

The warm clothes collected for the homeless during the clothing drive

Seniors Martin K. and Victoria P. like to help people when presented with such opportunity. During their junior year, they decided to organize a winter clothing drive for the homeless as their CAS project. Winters in Sofia are harsh, with temperatures dropping below freezing. Therefore many homeless people suffer as they don’t have the proper clothes to get through the cold weather. To help them, Martin and Victoria planned the clothing drive initiative. They had to set up donation boxes, write emails, gather information, and make announcements to make sure that a sufficient amount of people contributed to the cause. As they came closer to the clothing drive deadline, they had already collected enough clothes from the AAS community to keep at least 20 people warm during the winter seasons. The students not only helped people in need, but also gave a great example to the future IB students. 

This year Martin and Victoria took part in a project that addresses another community issue - they wanted to raise awareness about littering in several areas around Sofia. Ultimately, their project was a success.

The students hope to see more projects like theirs being realized at AAS in the future - projects that acknowledge the issues faced by the local community and work towards overcoming them.