Seniors Create a Yoga Website

As part of their IB CAS project, seniors Rebecca and Floria put together a website with yoga, strengthening, and flexibility videos for the community. In these challenging and uncertain times of lockdown and online learning, we find ourselves exercising less and stressing more, thus the girls decided to offer VITA Yoga website as a student-made project for the AAS community to unwind, release, relax, and de-stress.

The goal of these online classes is to enable both students and teachers to connect with their physical and mental bodies to build heat, cultivate strength, improve mobility and increase flexibility. Moving with awareness, practitioners will leave each class feeling refreshed and renewed.  

The classes are designed differently to target specific goals, whether that may be to increase strength, flexibility, or simply flow in a creatively sequenced vinyasa. The classes are accessible to all-levels as there are various modifications or extensions offered along the way that allow you to adapt your practice to your needs.

We are very proud of Rebecca and Floria's project and encourage you to discover their classes and visit the VITA Yoga website to dedicate some time to yourself and your physical and mental well-being during these challenging times.