Senior Tutoring Korean

Jeongbyn S, a senior student, found out that one of his peers was interested in learning Korean, thus he came up with a CAS project, ‘Tutoring Korean’. He first identified at which level the student was, and prepared a class accordingly. The schedules and the class materials were all managed by himself without anyone’s help. Unsatisfied with the sequence of the units in the Korean textbook, he came up with his own method of teaching. Tutoring took place 3 times a week (Monday, Wednesday and Friday) and lasted for 2 months. 

Through this project, he aimed to improve his communication skills and he has managed to do so. The student was satisfied with the quality of the lessons. Along with that, he has learned how to cope with unexpected circumstances. During the project, the whole school was put into quarantine. However, he immediately talked with the student and came up with an effective solution, which was to continue the project online. 

Since many students at AAS come from different backgrounds, he recommends and encourages students to organize a similar project. He emphasized that it would be truly worth it!