Senior Explores His Photography Passion

Senior Kristofer R. decided to improve his photography skills as a CAS Project. He attended a summer photography course at Oxford but couldn't complete it due to some unforeseen  circumstances. Kristofer's goal was to be able to take professional photographs of products and people. 

To achieve his goals Kristofer decided to use a book on photography as well as watch YouTube videos tutorials, which he  did 2 times per week. He wanted to perfect taking pictures with manual settings, instead of having to use the presets built in the camera. Through this experience Kristofer also learned how to use Photoshop so that he could edit his images post production. This knowledge of Photoshop can not only be used for photography as many other fields require the use of this software. 

    Kristofer says that CAS has been an amazing experience for him as it provided him with the time to explore a true passion of his. Additionally, it helped him build new skills that could be useful later on in his life.