"Replanting" your family

With more time at home, my house plants have benefited from extra attention. I googled how to re-pot some of them: give them extra water 1-2 days before; hold by the stems, gently pull it out of the pot, loosen the roots, cut away dead roots, trim roots that are too long; remove 1/3 of the old potting soil; put new soil in the new pot, place the plant, and add fresh soil on top; water sparingly and give the plant plenty light;  

The process is so similar to "replanting" a family when you leave one place to go to another:

1. Give lots of extra emotional nourishment before leaving

2. Use your family's and child's strengths to gently start the process.

3. Reflect on experiences, values, goals while you prune away the old, and prepare yourself for new growth. Be Gentle!

4. Get rid of some of your stuff!

5. Put some new stuff in the pot- New experiences on the horizon, challenges and excitement (don't overdo it!)

6. Give your family time and care to adapt to a new environment.

You are also welcome to watch this Leaving AAS video for more information


Contributed by Laura Giosh-Markov, Transitions Counselor

Image credit: steptohealth.com