Professionals Give Career Advice


The third annual AAS High School Career Fair took place this Tuesday and featured a variety of careers that have not been presented in the past. We are grateful for the support of our AAS patrons who represented 10 of the 11 careers that were showcased in the fields of Business Consulting, Public Policy, Social Entrepreneurship, IT, Healthcare, Social Inclusion, Commerce, Architecture, Catering, Acting and Finance.

The stories, opinions and insight shared by our guests are a valuable complement to what our students learn in the classroom. Here are comments from a couple of students:

"This year's Career Fair was quite interesting, especially considering the new and different professions that were represented. We had a chocolate maker who started her own business, we had an IT and strategy specialist from Coca-Cola, an actress and a representative of the World Bank. I enjoyed meeting with Ms Diantha Korzun - the architect of the Rila Renaissance Centre."

"Speaking to Sarah Perrine, the founder of the Trust for Social Achievement, I feel I got to better understand what it means to have a career that helps people. Service isn't just about doing whatever you can to help, it's about becoming really really good at something and then applying it to issues that you see and that matter to you. Her advice makes it easier for me to imagine taking my current career interests and channeling them in a direction that will (hopefully) improve lives."

While the next HS Career Fair is nearly a year away, if you are interested in taking part, we would still love to hear from you. Please contact HS Counselor David Stephenson