Performance Returns to the Rila!

It was a rather low-key affair, but performance returned to the Rila on Wednesday (Nov 25th) for the first time since... gosh... can anyone remember? Like elite sportswomen and sportsmen, the event took place behind closed doors with Grade 7 performing to an audience of... Grade 7! It was our first MS ELECTIVE COLLECTIVE.

What is the MS Elective Collective? The MS Elective Collective replaces the former MS Arts Showcase (which focused solely on the Visual and Performing Arts.) The benefits of this new approach are:

  • All students participate: since all students are in an elective, all students will continue to have an opportunity to collectively celebrate their trimester of learning together
  • Those 'performing' will have chosen to do so as none of the MS electives are compulsory 
  • There will be a wider range of performance and presentations
  • Visual Arts students (this trimester Grade 7 in the rotation), will still create an exhibit - this will also feature in the Elective Collective

So, we say goodbye to the MS Arts Showcase (after 31 events spanning 10+ years)... and hello to MS Elective Collective!  Our first Collective was created by Grade 7 with the participation of these electives: Band, Hands On Green Space, Design & Technology, Visual Arts and Drama Skills. The whole show was expertly supported by the Performance Technology elective!

Can I see the Elective Collective? As you know, AAS campus is for students and staff only at the moment. Seating in the Rila Theatre is socially distanced, leaving room for just one grade level bubble... Grade 7. However we did film this trial event and we will find a secure way to share that with students as soon as we can. We will certainly livestream future versions of the event (if we are still in lockdown). At the moment we are focused on getting organised for the students and trialing this new format, and this includes taking care of the bubble.

If we are still in bubbles at the end of Trimester 2, we will continue this model for Grades 7 & 8. A further benefit of the collective approach is that our all-new Grade 6 electives will give those students a similar opportunity to celebrate. So, there will be three separate events while we are in bubble mode! We are really looking forward to seeing students on stage again and making sure they don't miss out on these important experiences.