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Our New Faculty Arrive at AAS
New hire faculty waving

Preparations are heating up for the new school year at AAS. Today our new foreign national teaching and faculty staff arrived at the school for the first time to acclimatise themselves to Sofia and Bulgaria and the school. And they were so delighted to be on campus for the first time that they were quite literally jumping with excitement!

Originally hailing from the USA, UK, France and Brazil, they are bringing vast amounts of experience with them and have flown in from previous teaching posts in China, India, Pakistan, Indonesia, Columbia, USA, Portugal, Belgium and Bahrain. Over the last few days the school welcome committee has been very busy settling everyone into their new homes, buying groceries and essentials and showing them the ropes; so they were very keen to actually see the school.

Their enthusiasm was bubbling as they were shown around the campus with exclamations of “this school is amazing” and “it even looks better than on the website”. They were clearly raring to get into their workspaces and to meet new colleagues over the next few days in preparation for greeting the students on 21st August.

So, welcome to AAS, Sofia and Bulgaria. We are sure you will really enjoy your time here.