New International Student Council Association


The High School Student Council has been working closely with numerous other CEESA schools to create a new organization: the International Student Council Association (ISCA). These past weeks, the ISCA has managed to host two gaming tournaments featuring the games Overwatch and League of Legends. It was a complete success with over 3500 viewers on the streams for the gaming tournaments. With the success of these events the AAS Student Council is optimistic about the further initiatives that ISCA can put forth.

In terms of organizing the gaming tournaments, the HS Student Council would like to commend Shon G. and Brandon L. who were responsible for commentating on over 33 hours of gameplay. Furthermore, a big thank you to Trey W. for his great work in scheduling, and to Sofiya and Assiya from VIS Vienna, for their help in organisation and for using their amazing graphic design skills to produce the advertisements. Their efforts have shown the AAS HS Student Council to be among the hardest-working councils in the ISCA and we plan to keep that reputation.

Also, congratulations to the AAS Overwatch team, who won a joint first prize with ISB. It is a great pride for us at STUCO to share this good news with our community. A final thank you to all those that watched and supported our team in the first-ever Gaming Tournament. Expect more of these events soon.