MS Trip to Borisova Garden

A week ago the 7 & 8 grade students of the Hands On Green Stuff (H.O.G.S.) elective visited the Borisova Graden. They observed the Rose garden and took a walk around the park, observing how people interact with nature. Here is one of the students written reflections after the trip:

The Borisova Gradina is one of the oldest and most known parks in Sofia. Construction of the garden began during the spring of 1884, originally named by Tsar Boris III. A swiss gardener started the design of the garden 1882 and by 1886 had an area of 300,000 square meters with four main alleys. Then, in 1934 Bulgarian gardener and manager of gardens and parks service, Georgi Duhtev, expanded the “Rosarium” by 7,000 square meters and added 1,400 new rose types. Six years later, using plants sent by the Japanese, they created the Japanese corner in the garden. Now, this gift from Japan represents the relationship between the Bulgarian and Japanese. Later in 1942, the garden had now covered over 90,500 square meters with “monuments” such as the Summer Swimming Bath, the Open-air school, the Big Lake, the University of Observations, the Yunak and Levski football field including the tennis club, tennis courts, and cycling track. The Borisova Gradina TV Tower was then built between 1958 to 1959. It was then lastly reconstructed in 1986 and announced to be a Bulgarian park and garden art monument. Now, the Borisova Gradina has an organized and beautiful garden that has many different types of roses, trees, and plants. Not only but now there are also many restaurants and clothing shops nearby, mini markets, playgrounds, amusement parks to enjoy and attract more people to come to the garden.
Our opinion on the Borisova Gradina is that it’s a very beautiful and calm place for everyone of all ages to use. It is a good place for sitting down on the benches or grass, walking around, reading, eating, having a picnic, sports activities, and hanging out with friends and family. As you can see, the Borisova Gradina has a big variety of activities to do there. In general, we really enjoyed our whole experience in the park since it felt natural and therapeutic. We also very much enjoyed the rose garden designs around the fountain, it was very creative and artistic and really improved our experience. In this photo it shows an example of one of the garden designs. They are all normally different with this one having multiple rose types such as pink, red, orange and white roses. In this design there are also garden frames and bushes  surrounding it. The designs at the Borisova Gradina are also mostly in different shapes like this one, a circle. In conclusion we really recommend going to visit this gorgeous park, 
By: Petra J.and Karina Z.

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