Model United Nations

This past week, 7 High School students from our Model United Nations Club participated in BERMUN XXX, a conference held virtually by the John F Kennedy School in Berlin. Our students successfully represented the countries of Egypt, Guatemala and Solomon Islands. The students did a great job of collaborating with students from all over the world in order to pass resolutions related to the topics of Economic Interdependence, Improvements in Cybersecurity and Ensuring Post-War Transitional Justice, just to name a few. 

Aside from the wonderful experience that students had working with peers in their committees, they also had the opportunity to hear presentations from diplomats representing the governments of Ukraine and Taiwan. These presentations, along with others organized by the conference, were great opportunities for our students to better understand how international diplomacy works.

After months of planning and preparation, our delegates did an excellent job of representing AAS and should be proud of their hard work.