Middle School have fun with technology

In trimester 2, the Middle School Design & Tech elective is Micro-controllers. Students learn basic circuitry and how to control and use two different Arduino based controllers.

In this project students were using the Bare Conductive Boards that make interactivity with sound fun. Students recorded various sounds related to a theme of their choice and then had to create a conductive path (with either conductive paint or copper tape) to each of the 12 touch capacitive electrodes connected to the Bare Conductive Board. Students learned a bit about the importance of file structure, basic conductivity and how to bring it all together to create an attractive interactive display.

Come on over the Rila building near the D & T Workshop to try out the displays - you can learn a little Russian, a little Python, some planetary information, play some music, be guided in a self-portrait or hear some of the many languages spoken here at AAS.