International Counseling Week (Part II)

We already introduced our Transition Counselor & ES Counselor, now it is time present you the Middle and High School Counselors.


Robyn Pendleton - Middle School Counselor

On any given day I am a...





📅 Event planner

🧹 Custodian

📊 Data Analyst

🙃 Comedian


🕵️‍♀️ Detective
And…💗 Counselor 

Amidst multiplying fractions, learning about the French Revolution, and crafting articulate essays - there are rifts in friendships, family dvorce, and a whole lot of hormones! Students' needs are as diverse as the many roles I fill each day. I don’t solve problems for my students, I empower them with the skills to work through difficult situations. I help students navigate the shift from childhood to adolescents through the promotion of academic, career and social-emotional development. 

David Stephenson - High School Counselor

Happy International School Counseling week! As a high school counselor, I work with students to promote academic achievement, social-emotional development, and to help them forge a post-high school path. I meet with students one-on-one, and we also deliver lessons targeting social-emotional development and other topics through our advisors during "Wolf Pack Time", 25-minute periods that take place three times a week. 

My door is always open to parents who would like to talk about any challenges facing their children or to discuss university and post-high school plans.