IB Student recognized for Physics experiments
matteo IB


One of our Grade 12 students, Matteo, is doing IB HL Physics and is hoping to pursue Physics in University. During the summer holidays, he worked on several experiments with two physicists at the Georgi Nadjakov Institute of Solid State Physics. One of the experiments resulted in a research paper that now has been submitted to the American Journal of Physics.

A great achievement from him -  Well done Matteo!

This is Matteo's story:
We performed two experiments regarding magnetism, distance, and temperature and were able to observe and measure quantum effects present in a magnet.  We wrote a research paper that discussed our results and led to the calculation of the effective mass of a magnon, a particle that is responsible for the strength of the magnetic field of a magnet. Through this paper, we hope to show that even the most complex and fundamental components of the universe can be explored with the equipment and knowledge available at a high school level. It was an honour to work with my two co-authors, who supported me throughout the entire process and showed me that nothing is out of reach if one is determined enough.