5 tips for holiday travel with kids


Travel during the Holidays can be quite challenging, no matter how experienced you are. Here are some tips on how to make it less stressful for your children and yourself:

1. Prepare the kids for the trip emotionally
Before your trip, give each of your children some unhurried, one-on-one time and run them through the trip plan, so they feel comfortable and safe.
If your child still gets upset along the way, respond with empathy and hugs — and don’t think of it as a bad thing.
2. Pack well
Don’t just pack what you need — pack what you hope you don’t. That might mean games, toys, books, allergy and motion sickness medicine, changes of clothes for the kids.
3. Factor in kids’ sleep schedules
Have a road trip ahead of you? Getting behind the wheel gives you more flexibility to stick to your kids’ routine. Plan to hit the road at their usual bedtime or normal naptime and let the car soothe them to sleep.
If you’re flying, book early morning flights when you can. 
4. Bring snacks
To stave off “hangry” kids, pack healthy snacks. Think: fresh fruit, raisins or dried cranberries, goldfish crackers, yogurt and sandwiches cut into different shapes. (Use travel-size containers to keep them in intact.) And while candy can distract kids in a pinch, don’t overdo it. The high sugar content will make their energy level (and mood) crash quickly.
5. Keep kids moving
Sitting still doesn’t come easy to young kids. Have time to kill at the airport? Encourage your little ones to jump or hop in place, have a dance-off or do some yoga moves. If you’re on the road, plan plenty of pit stops to break up the monotony and let them stretch their legs.
Based on an article from: https://www.care.com/
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Photo credit:  Harvard Medical School, The Federalist