Helping Children During the Holidays
Christmas Jumper Day


For her senior CAS project  Nikola K decided to organize a Christmas Jumper Day. First time she learned about this initiative, organized by 'Save the Children' was during her Grade 11 English class. The students analyzed the advertisement for the Christmas Jumper Day events from a language point of view. The teacher suggested that organizing this event at AAS would be a great CAS opportunity and this idea appealed to Nikola, as she likes Christmas holidays. Moreover, she thought that combining fun celebrations with helping the ones in need is an amazing opportunity.

In December 2020 Nikola initiated Christmas Jumper Day at AAS. The purpose of this day is to raise money that is used to help children in need. People involved in the initiative wear goofy Christmas themed jumpers on a particular day and donate a certain amount of money. ''I wanted to gain experience with organizing a school wide event as I have never done it before. I also learned how to work independently and communicate more effectively in order to ensure everything goes as smoothly as possible." Nikola shares.

Unfortunately, due to pandemic restrictions, we could not have an in person event on campus. However the online event managed to raise 140 euros that have been sent to the ''Save the Children" organization.