Grade 2A donates money to charity

This time last year, the children from the 2-A class decided that they would like to raise money for charity. They decided to create some artwork and then sell holiday cards featuring the artwork of several members of the class. Every day, they worked in small teams to promote and sell the cards. The charity that they chose to help was the Hope for the Little Ones Foundation.

By the time the winter break had arrived, the children had managed to raise an impressive 575 BGN.

Unfortunately, flu season had also arrived and they were unable to visit the “little ones”, to pass on the money that had been raised. After the flu season, came the pandemic and it became clear that the children would not be able to pass on their donation in person.

This week we have finally been able to send the money to the Hope for the Little Ones Foundation, who very gratefully received the 575 BGN donation and expressed their gratitude to the thoughtful children from 2-A. Children from last year’s 2A class should be feeling proud and happy that they made a great charitable donation to a very deserving charity.