Grab a Racket and Try Tennis

Senior Luyba G has been playing tennis for over 12 years. She chose tennis as one of her CAS experiences, although the IB program doesn’t include sports activities. However Luyba believes that it is important to incorporate athletics into one's everyday life, especially as a student. During the final years of high school, students have a lot of pressure and often put sports to the side. Moreover, sports help you to not only develop your physique but also mental health. Tennis reduces stress as it releases the feel-good hormone - endorphin. 

''Through CAS, I got the opportunity not only to continue practicing this sport but also to reflect on my progress. The reflection process allowed me to track my journey and acknowledge my strengths and weaknesses. It also helped me to develop better time management skills, as I had to find time to train during the week. Moreover, the experience showed me other valuable skills that I have developed through tennis, such as discipline, perseverance and consistency, that I can also incorporate in my academics and everyday life. The sport pushes the players to use their brain as it also involves strategic thinking and planning." Luyba shares and invites anyone try playing some tennis.