Drop Everything and Read


At AAS we have always encouraged reading for pleasure. So, it was only logical to start the second full week of school with a “DEAR” day.

Wondering what does “DEAR” stand for? 

“Drop Everything and Read” - a special time during the day when all students and teachers drop what they are doing, get a book and read for 15 minutes.

In Grade 4, a student was too excited to start reading:

“Hey, Miss, isn’t it time to Drop Everything and Read?”

“Not yet”, Mrs. Kody reassured him with a smile, “We do need to kick off our Science unit first”.

Then, shortly after, the Elementary ambassadors came to announce “It’s time” and everyone was very fast to find a cosy spot and open their books.

The next “DEAR” day is scheduled in February, but our Library team has prepared many exciting activities for the students until then.

But we do not need to wait until February- any day can become a “Drop Everything And Read” day, should one decide to make it.