Design & Tech Classes Fun

The Design & Tech Classes promise to be a lot of fun this year, offering a variety of hands-on challenges to the students.

The Grade 7 Design and Tech challenge is to design a spinning top that spins as long as possible adhering to the challenge constraints of size. Students are introduced to Computer Aided Design and the software Tinkercad to experiment with their designs  that are then 3D printed. They also learn about various considerations such as wall thickness, overhangs and bridging when 3D printing. 

The Grade 9 students are challenged to design and build a chair from a limited quantity of cardboard only- no glue or tape. The students complete a design brief and target a particular demographic with their chairs. They'll learn about 2D and 3D drawings and about orthographic projections as well as various techniques for working with cardboard. 

The Grade 10 design and tech challenge is to build an electric vehicle using one motor, a gearbox and a switch. The vehicle can be designed for speed over a short distance or for traveling in a straight line over a longer distance. Students must design a chassis that appeals to a certain group of users. Chassis design might be 3D printed or built using other materials.