Creating a "Someday Soon" Jar

During this extended period of social distancing, we cannot help but think of all the things we are missing on. Meeting with friends, having a nice dinner at a favorite restaurant, traveling to a dream destination - we cannot do these now and that fact inevitably makes us feel down. However, one thing that really helps during this time is remembering that this is all temporary. It is important to remind ourselves of this when we have uncomfortable feelings during extended periods at home. 

With that in mind, we want to show you a simple activity you can do at home to encourage a positive mindset amongst the chaos and frustration. As a family or individually, you can create your very own “Someday Soon Jar.” All you need is a jar (or something else to store slips of paper in), paper, and a pen or pencil. Watch Mrs. Moore's video to see how to put together a Someday Soon Jar.