Bulgarian Festivities in December

Dear community, 

We are launching a new rubric dedicated to the Bulgarian Culture and traditions. Our Bulgarian Culture Corner will come out once a month and will highlight the holidays and celebrations for the month. Stay tuned for interesting facts, yummy recipes, music and more! 

In this month's issue, we focus on the winter festivities in December. Back in the days when most Bulgarians were dealing with agriculture and livestock breeding, there was a lot of free time in winter. In those times winter would start with Dimitrovden (St Demetrius’ Day, October 26th) and end with Gergyovden (St. George’s day, May 6th). During this time of year we celebrate tons of days dedicated to saints, name days, and of course, Christmas. In this issue we will focus on Nikulden, Ignazhden, Christmas Eve and New Year. Have a look at our gallery to find out more. If you are up for some yummy recipes to try at home, check out the links to the Nikulden Ribnik fish dish or Christmas Eve traditional recipes. If you want to learn how to dance the traditional New Year's Horo, click here and here for step by step instructions.

Весели празници! Happy Holidays!

From the Bulgarian Culture Team