Builders of AAS Provided a Summer Internship for Senior

Over the summer, an IB year 2 student of the Business Management (BM) at AAS, undertook an internship at Barnard Howell Partnership (BHP), the construction project management company responsible for the coordination of most of our campus’ construction, design, and development. 

The student participated at the main office of BHP, and participated in tasks such as contract objective and condition analysis, cost estimation, project reading, as well as a discussion with Mr. Barnard himself regarding investment opportunities in Bulgaria. The student worked closely with the rest of the employees at BHP, and was led by a member with unique specializations throughout each day. 

This inside peek of a specialized business complemented the material covered over the first year of the BM course. The student elected this industry and seized the opportunity as it involved aspects of the student’s career aspirations, so it served as a powerful experience for the future. 

On the behalf of AAS, we would like to thank BHP for providing the opportunity to a student to experience an internship over the summer. If any other companies or businesses, would be interested in hosting a summer intern, please feel free to contact Mr. Reynolds, Business Management teacher at