BHP Project manager visit IB Business class

Last week, BHP partner Mr. Barnard and his associate, Ms. Mateeva, visited the IB Business Management (BM) class to discuss their business operations surrounding project management and their involvement in the construction of the AAS campus. Their role of project managers means they do everything from risk assessment, planning, logistics, and budgeting.

Some other large projects that BHP has developed and fulfilled include the Sofia City Center, multiple Hilton-line hotels throughout Europe, and Marriott Bulgaria

Students enjoyed a comprehensive presentation involving insights into the workings of project management and day-to-day operations. BM students also had the opportunity to ask questions regarding any aspects of the business world. From money, to education, and habits, Mr. Barnard and Ms. Mateeva were thorough and particularly open into sharing their expertise.

BHP also discussed a potential two-week offering of a summer internship to a student(s) which would provide an opportunity to learn hands-on and applicable skills at one of the most prestigious project management firms in Bulgaria.

Article contributed by:Keith, IB1 Business Management HL