AAS Celebrates Bulgarian Culture
Making kukeri masks during BG Culture week

In the week, leading to the Bulgarian Liberation Day - March 3rd, we celebrate Bulgarian Culture.

The teachers from the Bulgarian Language department have worked hard to make the week exciting for everyone.

On Monday, the school was visited by a group of kukeri from the village of Karavelovo, who performed their dance and jumped over fire. Kukeri are believed to drive away the evil spirits and clean the path to spring.

On Tuesday the students had the chance to create their own kukeri masks, using cardboard, fabric, yarn and cotton. 

Wednesday was dedicated to symbolically cleaning the classrooms and giving forgiveness to each other - a Bulgarian ritual, connected to ‘Sirni zagovezni’

On Thursday students can jump over a symbolical fire, which is believed to bring good health and on Friday students will make martenitsi for the upcoming Baba Marta day.

After this week full of exciting activities, we are all ready to welcome the warmer and sunnier months of spring.