AAS hosts two big sports events in a week


HS Girls volleyball team

Last week was a pretty busy one for the AAS Athletics department - we hosted not one, but two CEESA tournaments back to back - HS Girls & Boys volleyball (May 16 - 19) and HS Boys Softball (May 19 - 21).

The Volleyball tournament welcomed 83 girls and boys from schools across the CEESA region - from Kiev, Skopje, Belgrade and Helsinki. Our Wolves gave their best and two of our teams ranked 1st - one among the boys and one - among the girls.

The Softball tournament was well-attended too with 93 boys, flying from Warsaw, Moscow, Bucharest, Budapest and Prague.  We are very proud of our Wolves, as they ranked 3rd - our best result in a softball tournament so far.

Тhe AAS teams not only gave their best on the sports field - the collective efforts of students, parents and staff made these events a celebration of friendship and sportsmanship. Thank you to everyone involved for the dedication!