AAS Art Teacher holds Livestream Exhibition

When life throws a pandemic at you, sending the world into a spin with quarantines,  restrictions, and everything online…We have a choice to be crushed or to rise above it all.

To honor the arts and the artist within each of us while respecting social distancing, AAS Art Teacher Mariangela Anastassova invites you to her exhibition at Gallery Rakursi in a livestream event on September 10, starting at 5:30pm

Invitation to Levitation
September 10,  5:30pm
CLICK HERE to attend: Virtual exhibition tour

Mariangela is a renowned artist with exhibitions all around the world. She has taught art classes at the Anglo-American School for many years, reveling in the unique powers this medium has to transform students’ self-image and expression. Her belief is that “Each student is an artist” and to that end,  has organized collaborative art exhibits with students to support their growth toward that inner artist. 
This exhibit “Invitation to Levitation’ is the continuation of Mariangela’s personal exploration into the potential of art to help us transcend and en-lighten ourselves. As you tour the artwork with her personal narrative, you will gain an insider’s view into the philosophy of this artist and hopefully feel a bit lighter afterwards!