A Truly Enjoyable CAS Project

Senior Salma F. decided to follow the advice given to IB students and choose something that she really enjoys doing, as she would need to stick to it for two years. 

This is how she discovered salsa dancing. Salma started the activity during the first lockdown and tried to make the best of it. She searched for the best online salsa dancing lessons and registered for the beginner classes. Salma and her partner Alice practiced twice a week. ''It required us to be patient with each other as we repeated the steps over and over again. We also needed determination to succeed. What made it really enjoyable was the fact that we could laugh and learn together in times where there was not much we could do. It was an amazing experience that allowed us to do something active and fun together.'' Salma shares. 

She definitely recommends to any future IB students to choose something they are passionate about and try to bring some friends along, if possible.