A surprising reunion - Bulgarian Culture Week
Bulgarian writer Alexander Shpatov visiting AAS

During Bulgarian Culture Week, we hosted the contemporary Bulgarian writer Alexander Shpatov, winner of the National Best Fiction Debut and the Sofia Award for Literature in 2005 and 2015, respectively.

After Mr. Shpatov’s presentation, it was time for the audience to ask him some questions. It was then that Mr. Reynolds, the AAS HS history and business teacher, stood and asked Mr. Shpatov:

“Do you remember me?”

“Oh my, you were my teacher at ACS!” cried Mr. Shpatov. The former student and his teacher warmly embraced. 

The two men have not seen each other for 15 years. Mr. Reynolds was Mr. Shpatov’s grade 11 history teacher and his senior computer teacher at ACS. Mr. Shpatov was an excellent student according to Mr. Reynolds who was delighted to reunite and observe his former student’s success.

Besides writing, Mr. Shpatov’s leads literary walks in the center of Sofia (You can find more about these at this website https://literatours.bg/)  On Wednesday June 5th, after school, he will lead a literary walk for the first time in English for the AAS community.