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A Last and a First - AAS Celebrates!
Graduation Ceremony 2019, Lawrence experiment

Last Friday saw a last and a first at AAS. For the 35 graduates of the class of 2019, it was their last official event at AAS as students as they received their diplomas and celebrated the end of their 13 years in compulsory education. 

The audience of families, friends, staff and supporters were entertained at the Graduation Ceremony with speeches by Valedictorians Petya and Jamieson and invited Commencement Speakers, English teacher Ms Tricia Quinn and Science teacher Mr Lawrence - who entertained everyone with his ‘magic’ wrapped up as physics experiments!

This was the largest and most diverse graduate class in AAS history with over 100 university offers between the graduates. A number of AAS records have been broken by this class. No less than 5 offers have been made for medical school places, 2 in the UK, 2 in Bulgaria and one in Italy. This year we have the most students we have ever had going to study in Canada with three heading there, and the biggest ever cohort intending to study in the UK, 12 - with three classmates all planning to go to Manchester! Three more students have university offers in the Netherlands and two in Rome, and there is also an offer for one of our graduates to study fashion in Milan. We have 2 making plans to head for college in the USA and, for the first time we have five potentially studying at universities in Bulgaria. 

So Friday’s graduation was a last at AAS for many of the class of 2019. And the first…? The Graduation Ceremony was the first ever event to be held in the new Rila Renaissance Centre (RRC). But watch this space because there will be more on the Grand Ribbon Cutting for the building in a different post!